About Dr. Shrinks Fibres....

I have a book on textile art therapy which came out in January, 2012, under the Jessica Kingsley Publisher (UK) label (Using Textile Arts and Handcrafts in Therapy with Women:  Weaving Lives Back Together).  It include lots of ideas about how to use textiles metaphorically with clients.  My own textile work focuses on spiritual images as well as wearable art (with sensual materials).  Although I do sell a limited number of items each year, my current focus is research, writing, and clinical work. 

For a synopsis of the book, follow this link:   http://jkp.com/catalogue/book/9781849058384

 For an e-interview about the book, go to:


For a live interview about the book, go to the archives (January 20, 2012) and look me up!